I took a one-day trip to Gorkhey village when I was staying in Rimbick. It is located in the Singalila National Park at the border of West Bengal and Sikkim. To reach the village, it's a 15km hike from Rimbick village, with steep climbs from Rimbick to Rammam and a beautiful, gradual hike from Rammam to Gorkhey through the dense forest of Singalila National Park. Alternatively, it's possible to cover 10km of the route by Jeep taxi and hike the remaining 5km to Gorkhey.
Gorkhey village serves as a pit stop for trekkers coming from the Sandakphu trek. Typically, trekkers make their way to Sandakphu from Tonglu or Mane Bhanjang, spend a night there, move to Phalut, come down from Phalut to Gorkhey, and rest and spend the night before continuing on their journey.
While in Gorkhey, I disconnected from the internet because there was none and brought only my camera and a few clothes with me. I spent my time taking photographs of the beautiful region and returned with almost 500 photos. Although many of them weren't that good, I've curated a selection of the ones that I liked to showcase below.

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